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If yours is a stepfamily at the breaking point, one of the growing number of unsuccessful stepfamilies, read some encouraging, humorous advice on your way toward developing healthy relationships.

"Engaging. Real. Heart-warming. Without pretense. "You're NOT My Mom!" recounts the ups and downs of a stepparent and stepchild tying to find peace and love. A real-life drama, rooted in discipleship, filled with hope."

Ron Deal—

President of Successful Stepfamilies

Author of The Smart Stepfamily

Stepfamily Educational Consultant to Focus on the Family

The Authors

About the Authors

Kali Schnieders once represented her home state, Missouri, in beauty pageants and was in the same competition with Lynda Carter for the title of Miss World-USA. Today she is a popular inspirational speaker who reaches out to hundreds of audiences by combining warmth, humor, and divine wisdom into touching stories and encouraging every generation to avoid comparisons and strive for their personal best.

In her book Truffles from Heaven, Kali points out the spiritual significance that can be found in everyday moments. She was featured in A Celebration of Women alongside Elizabeth Dole, Mother Teresa, Shirley Dobson, Beth Moore, Anne Graham-Lotz, and Joyce Meyer. Her work in corporate America included a sixteen-year marketing career for three Fortune 500 corporations. In 1993 she closed her briefcase to raise her stepdaughter and coauthor, Elizabeth. Kali currently lives in Dallas with her husband, Larry, and their fox terrier, Angel (aka Devil Dog).

Elizabeth Schnieders graduated in 2003 from the University of Kansas with degrees in psychology and journalism. While attending KU, she was a varsity cheerleader and a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority chapter. She completed her MBA at the University of Denver.

Family Photos

Little Elizabeth with her birth mother and dad.Little Elizabeth with her dad (Larry) and birth mother (Annette).
The new family's first Christmas.Kali, Elizabeth and Larry's first Christmas as a new family.
The family's house in Lawrence, KS.Kali, Larry and Elizabeth at the "outer space house" (under construction) in Lawrence, Kansas, mentioned in Chapter 2 - "Stepping over the Threshold and into the Fire."
Elizabeth's "olive branch"Elizabeth's "olive branch" (mentioned in Chapter Four - "Stepping into Cinderella's Slippers").
Kali touches up Elizabeth's lipstick on Wedding Day.Kali touches up Elizabeth's lipstick on Wedding Day from our wedding album referred to in the book - Chapter One, "One Goose Step at a Time."

Yes, we are busy planning a fairy tale wedding, but we still want to hear from you!

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For speaking inquiries, please call (972) 713-9070 or (214) 924-1291.

E-mail Kali

For speaking inquiries, please call
(214) 924-1291.

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