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If yours is a stepfamily at the breaking point, one of the growing number of unsuccessful stepfamilies, read some encouraging, humorous advice on your way toward developing healthy relationships.

"Engaging. Real. Heart-warming. Without pretense. "You're NOT My Mom!" recounts the ups and downs of a stepparent and stepchild tying to find peace and love. A real-life drama, rooted in discipleship, filled with hope."

Ron Deal—

President of Successful Stepfamilies

Author of The Smart Stepfamily

Stepfamily Educational Consultant to Focus on the Family

Challenges of Unsuccessful Stepfamilies

The phrase "" doesn't make it sound like something to strive for, does it?

What is an "" and what is the difference between unsuccessful stepfamilies and successful stepfamilies? What are the key issues of stepparenting?

"All of our temptations are common to man, but God is faithful..."

(1 Cor. 10:13)

Stepparents are tempted to think:

"I'm in over my head. Maybe I've made a mistake with this marriage."

"Divorce is NOT an option, but how can I stay sane while waiting for an empty nest."

Stepchildren are tempted to think:

"Why did this woman have to marry my Dad and wreck my life?"

"I want my real mom!

It also offers:

  • Help. Gain a fresh perspective on your own situation as you discover the secrets of staying the course (when you'd rather toss in the towel). Through our ups and downs you will see how growth eventually comes if you stick with it.
  • Comfort. Breathe a sigh of relief, as you discover that you are not alone...your struggles are commonly shared by stepparents (and many birth parents as well.)
  • Peace of mind. Feel the "worry wrinkles" ease from your brow as you come to believe that any stepfamily can learn to cope with the day to day issues.
  • Insights. Thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter will help your family grapple with the tough stuff, and discover ways to move from conflict to love.
  • Power. You will encounter bitter enemies who defeated their hatred and became best friends. Discover their secret weapon, and find the surest way out of the darkness into the light of family joy.

Whether your stepfamily was created through death or divorce, you will be reassured by the words and inspired by the outcome of this story. The thought-provoking struggles, and tender moments are infused with a polite dose of heavenly grace that will encourage people of all faiths.

And you may find yourself believing for the first time that if your family will reflect on its behavior, commit to growth, press on in spite of pain and allow the light of God's love to work — there can be harmony, unity and blessing in your future.

"If an inadequately prepared and ill-equipped businesswoman who never even babysat can turn into a successful (step)mother, there's hope for anyone!"

Kali Schnieders

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