"What a delicious treat
I found in 'Truffles From Heaven.' Humor and
hope for all."
   Liz Curtis-Higgs,
"Kali's wisdom and
inspiration are like
delicious chocolate for
the soul."
   Kathy Collard Miller,

You can't judge a book by its cover!
Ten Things You May Not Know_
    The cover may be pretty, but the beauty is MORE than skin deep. (The
stories penetrate the soul!)
    This is NOT about chocolates from your lover.
    It IS about sweet gifts from the Lover of your soul.
    Truffles come in all flavors: Guidance, Encouragement, and comfort.
    Some truffles are tangible, like a person that appears during a moment
of crisis.
    Other truffles are audible, like a well-timed phone call, or a song lyric
that speaks to your circumstances.
    Still others are experiential, like flashes of insight or a brilliant sunrise.
    All truffles are exactly what YOU need, when you need it.
    Truffles are food for the HEART that is hungry for hope.
    The stories are true; they tug at the heart and tickle the funnybone.

Truffles from Heaven will help you:
See life as more than a series of coincidences.
View painful experiences from a value added perspective.

Truffles from Heaven
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