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  If you are looking for _
Someone who understands your challenges.
Someone who inspires hope and comforts your heartaches.
Someone who tugs at your heartstrings and tickles your funny bone.
Someone who articulates God's daily grace until you almost can taste it.
Someone who will capture your heart and lift your spirit.

...then you are looking for Kali Schnieders. She is committed to helping people smile in the face of their trials, by tasting God's grace in their lives. She can make a difference at your next luncheon, dinner, retreat or conference. Find out how Truffles can be the perfect dessert for your next event. Contact Kali via e-mail or by phone at 972-713-9070.

  When Kali speaks, what will we hear?
Her message touches everyone--the nervous teenager applying for that first driver's license, the hassled mother waiting in the car pool line, and the grandparent buying donuts with a senior citizens discount card! It is not uncommon for Kali's audience to find smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes. Though her stories may vary to suit the gathering, Kali's message always has a single purpose--to offer humor for the humdrum and inspire hope for the hardships of our daily lives. Her stories capture your heart and live on in your memory.

  About Kali's programs
Kali shares the "truffle stories" from her book, addressing many of the challenges women face: How to cope with children, spouses, parents, employers, friends and finances--and keep smiling. Her uplifting messages offer hope for stress-filled times. Kali's truffle stories are like chocolate breadcrumbs, leading the way to find God's blessings in our ordinary circumstances.

For a complete list of Kali's topics, visit the Programs page.

Speaking Demos

Audio Samples
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The Truffle With Cookies - 10:49 Sample of Speech

Mornings With Scott & Lorri - 42:25 Radio Interview

For a complete list of Kali's topics visit her Programs page.