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For more tidbits of inspiration and humor, check these books from some of today's most gifted Christian authors.
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At Home in My Heart - Preparing a Place for His PresenceAt Home in My Heart -
Preparing a Place for His Presence

By Rebecca Barlow Jordan
At Home in My Heart - Preparing a Place for His Presence is an inspirational gift book filled with stories, essays, quotes and tips to help women discover the joy of Christ's indwelling presence. Using the home as a metaphor for the heart, Rebecca Barlow Jordan takes women through the rooms of a house, giving them designer tips on how to "redecorate" their hearts - God's way - with the help of the Master Designer. Invite Jesus in...and renovate your heart in such a way that Christ's love is felt and seen.

Patsy Clairmont says this about Rebecca's book:
"Rebecca has the pen of a poet and the heart of a disciple--which makes AT HOME IN MY HEART stirring and relevant."

Taking the High Ground: Military Moments With GodTaking the High Ground: Military Moments With God
By Colonel Jeff O'Leary
Looking for a great book to strengthen your husband's faith? This book contains a wide variety of inspirational stories from men and women in military service. Included are also stories about families in the military written by well-known authors such as Ellie Kay. Col O'Leary shows how men and women have faced difficult and sometimes desperate circumstances and have still managed to keep their faith while serving both their country and their God with honor and with courage.

Devotions from the World of Women's SportsDevotions from the World of Women's Sports
By Kathy & John Hillman
The world of women's sports has virtually exploded on the scene in recent years...but women have been involved in sports all through history. This book takes a look at some of those great moments. As you read each of these fascinating stories, your faith will be strengthened. Each devotion takes a look at an event in sports history, then relates that event to a basic Christian truth that will help you grow spiritually.

Love You Can TouchLove You Can Touch
By Jane Jarrell
The author, Jane Jarrell, says:
A birthday celebration, a child's first day of school, a move to a new city - any occasion is the perfect time to offer love you can touch. A simple gift here, a homemade meal there - these little acts of kindness mean a lot. Now you can create your own signature style of caring with these imaginative, easy-to-do suggestions for showing love to big and little hearts.

Real MagnoliasReal Magnolias
By Becky Freeman
The author, Becky Freeman, says:
Most early comments have declared this "the best one yet!" It's different from any book I've ever written, or read. The cover is feminine and fun -- making it a great gift for a girlfriend's birthday and PERFECT for Mother's Day. Though the insides have plenty of personal stories and trademark "Becky humor" -- the chapters center around southern women friends, family and role models who have inspired my own life to love, laughter and hope.

These stories are sometimes heroic, often funny, glimpses into what it means to be a transparent women of God. Real Magnolias is a celebration of womanhood... whether you bloom north or south of the Mason-Dixon Line. You'll laugh and you'll cry -- and you'll leave feeling utterly gorgeous, inside and out. At least, this is my hope for each of you.

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