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   Short & Sweet Keynotes

Truffles from Heaven...
The Sweet Taste of Grace!

Kali shares hope-filled stories about coping with change and seeing God's hand at work during the storms of life. Find the Love that endures through sorrows and share her inspirational insights. This uplifting message will encourage every heart. (45 minutes to 1 hour)

Truffles from Heaven...
Sweet Hope for the Blended Family

Learn the parenting secrets of a clueless, corporate business woman who pitched her briefcase and became a stay-at-home Mom. If you're a parent or if you know one, this message will encourage your soul, warm your heart, and tickle your funny bone. (20 to 45 minutes)

Truffles from Heaven...
Achieving Self-Acceptance

Can you value yourself when your boss and others don't? Kali explores issues of self-esteem and offers elevating words about our worth to God. As a crowned Miss Missouri World, Kali shares an amusing look into pageant life when she competed for the title of Miss World USA with a "Wonder Woman." Quit comparing; taste the joy! (30 to 45 minutes)

Truffles from Heaven...
The Sweet Taste of Encouragement

Would you rather spend your life doing a job, or making a difference? What kind of difference do you make? Kali helps people "feel" the distinction between energizing affirmations and crushing criticisms. Experience the delicious power encouragement offers to givers and receivers alike _ head and heart candy for hungry souls. (30 to 45 minutes)

   Seminars to Savor

Truffles from Heaven...
The Sweet Escape

Ever ask yourself, "If God is sending truffles from Heaven, where are mine?" Explore this question in a weekend filled with laughter, inspiration, insight, and spiritual renewal. Through keynotes and facilitated group interactions, Kali provides an experience that lasts far beyond the weekend! (Chocolates not included.) (Weekend Retreat)

Truffles from Heaven...
Seven Ways to Taste a Truffle

Does God even know who I am? Why do my prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling and never reach heaven? If you are plagued by questions and doubts, Kali's sweet reminders and practical tips will help you recognize and benefit from the truffles God sends your way! (This program could be an answer to prayer.) (Full or Half Day)

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